Hi Matt,

thanks for the follow-up. I've still got some questions ... ;-)

> > Can Read/Write applications send direct messages?
> Yes. Read/Write tokens can send direct messages using direct_messages/
> new.

Does this mean xAuth applications can still send direct messages but
not read them?

> > Wouldn't it be possible to keep the DM access rights with xAuth and only 
> > revoke it upon user complaints or your monitoring of API usage?
> The reason for asking users to reauthorize is so they can make a more
> informed decision about the access an application has requested.
> There may be users of your application who are comfortable with the

Unfortunately, my app is a Twitter client. You won't find any user
being uncomfortable with reading their direct messages in my Twitter

I'm just wondering, would it help asking my users and provide some
feedback from them? Like maybe 10.000 saying they want to continue to
use direct messages within Gravity? Would that help?

> level of access you have requested, while there could be others who
> complain. By having the user re-authorize, they get to decide if they
> agree with the access your application has requested.

Yes, that's fine, but my users simply cannot re-authorize using OAuth.
This is not possible on many Symbian apps/phones. Isn't there any
other way? You will lock out a lot of people next month.

Does this make sense given that xAuth apps do have access to the
users' passwords!? I don't really understand this.

Apart from the problem that Symbian apps cannot open the browser on
some phones, the current Oauth login page is even crashing the browser
on some of the models. Are you aware of this?


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