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A lot of the existing examples you see on the Internet use basic
oAuth, but these are just old examples, and you must use oAuth.  It's
possible to make it work -  I've made a basic TwitPic prototype, so I
know it's doable.  (Still working on 4sq tho!)  You simple need to
master the oAuth process, plus you have to deal with the IMAGE upload
and submittal process.  Here's the PHP tutorial that helped me master
TwitPic image uploads -

And, here's some file uploading background info as a good reference -


On May 28, 6:55 pm, Frank Ash <> wrote:
> I am having some trouble integrating either yfrog or twitpic into my
> app. All the others I see are asking for users names and passwords
> inside the app, and not using oauth. Is it possible to let people post
> pictures to their stream using one of these services if the
> application uses only oAuth and not xauth? I am just assuming the
> people asking for account and passwords are using xauth.
> I am trying to integrate it using their new API which uses oauth
> access tokens.
> I get this error consistently:
>  "Timed out verifying authentication token with This
> could be a problem with TwitPic servers. Try again later."

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