Hi Andrew,

many thanks for your feedback from me, too! ;-) I didn't dare to make
the switch for my xAuth app yet ...

I'm just wondering if the actual switch to the new xAuth permission
policy next month will have any impact on this?

Is xAuth as such still supposed to work, but simply returning RW
tokens then?

Will the old xAuth tokens continue to work after the switch has been
made end of July?


On May 29, 6:49 pm, twittelator <and...@stone.com> wrote:
> I poured a 4-shot breve latte just in case, flipped the switch 
> athttps://dev.twitter.com/apps, and was delighted when:
> - shipping Twittelators already deployed can use and continue to get
> valid RW XAUTH Tokens
> - those XAUTH tokens still work
> - New RWDM tokens are correctly given to new in-house builds of
> Twittelator
> So, I can totally relate to the feeling of "Am I about to hose 1
> million users?" but, especially with the enhancements due this week
> from Twitter, I think we can all make a smooth transition to the new
> flow.
> On May 27, 11:31 pm, Ed Finkler <funkat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Fellers,
> > For testing as we prep our apps for the switch to PIN-based auth, I'd like
> > to change the default access level to "Read, Write, & Private Message".
> > However, I'm concerned this will disable xAuth for existing users
> > immediately, rather than once we hit June 30.
> > Can I do this, or should I register a new application? Or do I have other
> > options?
> > Thanks,
> > -Ed

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