There isn't an API endpoint that supports this directly, you just need
to fetch recent sent and received DMs and create the list for


On May 30, 3:28 am, kamesh SmartDude <>
> Hai All,
> i am trying to implement "Direct message view" for a mobile app, how
> the message view is showing in the new web twitter....
> "showing the buddies list first and once u click on the buddy it
> should show the message conversation between the current user and the
> specific buddy".
> But currently twitter is providing only two API to fectch the
> messages
> i didn't find any API to fetch the list of buddies to whom u sent the
> messages/who sent u the messages
> and to fetch the conversation between the two, to show view as per the
> new requirement.
> Is anybody implemented the new view please let me know how to proceed.
> Thanks In Advance.
> Kamesh.

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