Hi Jason,

When will the video of this event be available?


On May 17, 3:58 pm, Jason Costa <jasonco...@twitter.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Thanks again to those of you who spent the evening with us this past
> Thursday at #devnestSF. We had a great time seeing so many of you, and
> hope you enjoyed yourselves too. We started off the night with talks
> from Dick Costolo and Ryan Sarver, then saw presentations from four
> great companies in the ecosystem: DataMinr, Klout, The Guardian, and
> Quora. A big thanks to all four of them for coming out.
> We also had a chance to do Q&A with Ryan and Matt Harris from the
> Platform team. We heard some solid questions from the audience around
> an OAuth 2 implementation, the status of the JavaScript API and
> @anywhere, opening up an API for the t.co shortener, and more. We’re
> hoping to eventually upload videos from the event, but don’t have a
> timeline as of yet for that.
> Just to recap on some of the statistics we revealed during the event:
> - the platform now receives 13 Billion API requests a day
> - 600,000 developers are working with the Twitter API
> - 900,000 applications have integrated with the Twitter API
> Additionally, we saw other exciting activities in the ecosystem over
> the past six months:
> - ~$1 Billion in acquisitions
> - ~$475 Million in venture capital investment
> As I mentioned above, we had some great ecosystem company
> presentations too:
> - DataMinr sent out an alert regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death 20
> minutes before Bloomberg reported it, and the detection was based on
> only 19 tweets.
> - Klout is now serving almost 1 Billion API calls monthly, with more
> than 4 billion graph edges scored daily and over 6 billion tweets
> analyzed for user topics every three months.
> - Guardian discussed how they were able to pull down a massive volume
> of tweets, and analyze public sentiment around Tony Blair at the
> Chilcott Inquiry.
> - Quora illustrated how they effectively use the Twitter OAuth sign-in
> flow, and noted how they see an average of 30 click-throughs when a
> user tweets an answer out.
> If you attended the event and have feedback, please feel free to send
> me a note (jasonco...@twitter.com) - I’d love to hear how you felt
> about it. We want to do more of these in the future, and your feedback
> will help us to better calibrate those events.

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