I have an app that hasn't changed and has been working fine for
months. But the other day it stopped working. Heres what i'm

-login, favorites, lists still works fine
-home, mentions and DMs give 'invalid signature' oauth error

Other people have reported the same issue but for others the app works

This first occurred after I came back from vacation from another
country and I tried to use the app from a device that I hadn't used in
months. The date/time on this device was incorrect causing oauth to
not work. When I update the date/time it allowed me to login but was
getting errors for home/mentions/DMs. The error seemed to pass over to
my other device which never had this problem and had been using on

I tried testing my twitter account with other twitter apps on the same
device and had the same issue on one but worked fine on another.

any ideas?

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