I have been using the new Web Intents Events (http://dev.twitter.com/
pages/intents-events) to track user habits.  Tweet and follow work
just fine.  However, when I attempt to grab a retweet, it throws an
error: "a is null" on http://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js.

I am using the latest version of the blackbird pie plugin.  I click on
the 'retweet' link and that is when the error is thrown.  The error
only shows up after I add the code snippet below to my page, otherwise
its fine.

Code is as follows:
twttr.events.bind('retweet', function(event) {
    var retweeted_tweet_id = event.data.source_tweet_id;

I thought the error might be blackbird's pie fault, but seems unlikely
since the source of the error is from your official javascript code.

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