I'm developing an application that uses the Twitter Search API. The
app searches Twitter for many (at least a couple thousand) specific
keywords in real time.

A server would be set up to get the results for the many keywords in
tweets and store them in a database that the application would access
to return the results, as opposed to every user searching for the
keywords on their end every time.

The problem is after a while I notice that Twitter stops responding
with new results. Is Twitter caching the results after a set amount of
requests I can make in a given time period? The FAQ section on the
developer's wiki does not provide much info on the rate limiting of
the Search API other than that it is generous. Do you guys have the
inside scoop on the actual numbers?

I see where to submit an application and the application is basically
working, but my client hasn't finalized the details for the app like
the name and url yet. Am I out of luck until I am ready to officially
submit the application for whitelisting. If not, how can I get my
application's server added to a whitelist to ensure that the tweets
return from twitter are real-time?

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