I just took a few minutes to go over the new APIs and while I am, of course, not going to break my NDA here, I can tell you this: * Doesn't look like this was meant for the Twitter clients, but rather the normal clients which provide a "Tweet" function. * You can sign requests using this framework, but with a fixed set of consumer credentials so that it will always say "with iOS" when sending a tweet (source). Like I said, it's almost only for providing a "Tweet" function.
 * I like it!


On 6/7/11 2:17 AM, TJ Luoma wrote:
On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 8:05 PM, Jason Costa<>  wrote:
There have been a lot of questions about what the iOS announcement
today means for developers. The integration points noted in Appleā€™s
keynote create huge opportunities for both Twitter and iOS

The first question that everyone should be asking is: Will you hold
off the DM Oauth reauthorization requirement until iOS 5 is released,
so people don't have to go through it again and again and again for
each Twitter app?

And if not, why not? (Other than not giving a whit about 3rd party
Twitter client app developers, but being more interested in helping
developers of other apps integrate Twitter into their apps.)


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