I just checked and I was wrong - "Woah there!" can mean a lot of thnigs.

1. Make sure that your time is right
2. Make sure that the signature you make is right
3. Make sure that your endpoint starts with https://api.twitter.com/1/
4. Make sure that you use valid credentials
5. Make sure that you are supplying all the required parameters
6. Make sure that your nonce is correct
7. Make sure everything else is correct


On 6/10/11 10:45 AM, Ari Endo wrote:
Dear Tom,

Never ever did I hit the rate limit.
I call only once to get the authentication token.

At most, only several times for trials.
Thank you for your reply,


Tom van der Woerdt wrote (2011/06/10 17:38):
"Woah there" - sounds like you are hitting a rate limit. If you don't
authenticate your calls, you may only make 150 API calls per hour.


On 6/10/11 12:54 AM, ari_endo wrote:
Hello, I am developing Twitter AP with Excel VBA.
When accessing with an object generated from twitter class, it works.
But only with XMLHttpRequest (without object) it gets "Woah there"

Is object-oriented programming needed when developing desktop
I need reference for desktop application.
I appreciate if any site is introduced.

Thank you in advance,
Ari Endo

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