Dear Tom,

Thank you for your quick support.
I have checked all the items you listed below.

What I would like to know is information for desktop application
different from server application.

I would appreciate if you tell me any.
Thank you in advance,


Tom van der Woerdt さんは書きました (2011/06/10 17:50):
> I just checked and I was wrong - "Woah there!" can mean a lot of thnigs.
> 1. Make sure that your time is right
> 2. Make sure that the signature you make is right
> 3. Make sure that your endpoint starts with
> 4. Make sure that you use valid credentials
> 5. Make sure that you are supplying all the required parameters
> 6. Make sure that your nonce is correct
> 7. Make sure everything else is correct
> Tom
> On 6/10/11 10:45 AM, Ari Endo wrote:
>> Dear Tom,
>> Never ever did I hit the rate limit.
>> I call only once to get the authentication token.
>> At most, only several times for trials.
>> Thank you for your reply,
>> Ari
>> Tom van der Woerdt wrote (2011/06/10 17:38):
>>> "Woah there" - sounds like you are hitting a rate limit. If you don't
>>> authenticate your calls, you may only make 150 API calls per hour.
>>> Tom
>>> On 6/10/11 12:54 AM, ari_endo wrote:
>>>> Hello, I am developing Twitter AP with Excel VBA.
>>>> When accessing with an object generated from twitter class, it works.
>>>> But only with XMLHttpRequest (without object) it gets "Woah there"
>>>> message.
>>>> Is object-oriented programming needed when developing desktop
>>>> applications?
>>>> I need reference for desktop application.
>>>> I appreciate if any site is introduced.
>>>> Thank you in advance,
>>>> Ari Endo

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