I don't know your library, but in my case the 403 was accompanied by the message "Not authorized to use this endpoint" and the solution was to update to " [etc.]".

Bill Jacobson

On 06/13/2011 05:39 AM, Amit Battan Ror wrote:
any idea guys

On Jun 10, 4:33 pm, Amit Battan Ror<>  wrote:
Hi All

I am using 
I am calling [twitterObj getFollowersIncludingCurrentStatus:NO] for
getting my friend list which was working fine. But from last two days
its giving me the 403 error.

-- Twitter Request FD751461-39C4-4EAB-A0F7-D1ED262B19EA failed with
error: Error Domain=HTTP Code=403 "The operation couldn’t be
completed. (HTTP error 403.)"

As twitter api wiki 403 is due to crossing the limit of updates and DM

but here in getFollowersIncludingCurrentStatus Why this error
occurring and even list is not comes next day giving same 403 error.

Amit Battan

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