Hello Developers:

I have always heard of Twitter but just recently created a Twitter
account. I want to develop an app which will use the Twitter API and
more specifically the REST API to collect public Tweets and then
perform some processing. I have been reading the documentation but
still have a long way to go. Therefore, my concern is that my
application is still in the design phase of the software lifecyle
which means that I have not yet decided on a name and there is no
website or callback URL. How then would I be able to perform a
registration? I wanted the flexibility to code in functions or classes
and test by making calls to the API instead of waiting until the full
application was complete. However, in order to get developer access to
the Twitter API I need to register the app and also according to the
Authentication pages, registration is needed in order to use OAuth. I
also looked at Twitter4J which also requires the use of OAuth. I am
grateful for any advise that you can give. Thank you.

T Williams

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