Hi everyone,

We're excited to have a new YouTube Twitter API channel available:


In addition to putting out this new channel, we've uploaded our first
set of videos there - the recordings of our Devnest event. This
includes talks from @dickc, @rsarver, @quora, @klout, @dataminr,
@guardian, plus the Q&A session.

Going forward, we'd like to add a lot more content, and want to ask
you: what would you like to see on this channel? Interviews with
engineers on how and why they built something? An overview of how to
consume the Streaming API? An OAuth debugging tutorial? We'd love to
know what you'd like to see.

Additionally, if you'd like to submit a video tutorial yourself,
please send me the file (jasonco...@twitter.com). We'll review it and
potentially post it to the channel.



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