I think this has the potential to end up getting you blocked for
spamming. You've identified a real problem with the impending OAuth
change I think. Would be good to hear a recommendation directly from
Twitter as to how to handle your type of situation.

On Jun 21, 7:12 pm, Ryan <craft.r...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I operate a Twitter web app (GroupTweet) that effectively runs in the
> background once users activate it for the first time.  The only reason they
> would need to log back into our site is to change their settings or
> configuration.  Our app directly relies on the ability to read Direct
> Messages, so its crucial users re-authenticate otherwise the service will be
> useless until they do.
> We don't collect email addresses.
> So my question is, how are other people notifying their users about the need
> to re-authenticate before June 30th?
> Is there a way to create a script that sends @mentions to each of my
> authenticated users or would this be blocked due to potential for spam
> abuse?

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