hey man,

thanks for this reply! yup, of corse I can. 

so, I am using twitter4j and reading the stream with the streaming API 
implementation (loosely following the code snippet below). I have setup a 
filter query with a list of location boxes, being the following 3 
(barcelona, manchester, london):

   - [barcelona] 1.48, 41.10, 2.34, 41.4, 
   - [london] -0.30, 51.10, 0.21, 51.45, 
   - [manchester] -2.18, 53.25, -2.09, 53.31

then retrieving the status' location through the Status.getGeoLocation() 

now, it happen (quite frequently, but I don't have a statistic... say 1 post 
out of 50) that I find the geo location being with coordinates out of the 
boxes, such as:

37.1289787 -84.0832596 (tweet id: 83428963950669824 - reverse geocode using 
google maps: london, kentucky)
10.1333303 -64.6999969 (tweet id: 83428616981061633 - reverse geocode using 
google maps: barcelona, venezuela)

so I am wondering how it can happen, provided that I am giving numerical 
coordinates for location boxes...

hope this is clearer, many thanks

fetch stream:

StatusListener listener = new StatusListener(){
    public void onStatus(Status status) {
       // get geoLocation and save to db
TwitterStream twitterStream = new TwitterStreamFactory(listener).getInstance();
twitterStream.filter( myFilterQuery );

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