So if I want to have an information about a list you expect me

to read all of the documention to figure out which version to use
although i am fine in programming. I guess just including something as
a proper documentation for example a link "see current available
versions here" is too much to ask.

> list_id is available from the index of lists for a user. This request is the
> /1/lists request:

so i am supposed to get my list info, use the user infos (which ii
have to work through as well as no working examples are provided
there), scan through the nearly 2k lists for the one i want and then
be able to implement a simple list request.

I see. that is so much more sensible than just having one (!) working
example on the page and allowing for an easy way of figuring out
"hei you know the owner and the slug of the list you are looking? this
is how you write the code example.
know the id? this is how you do it.

> Alternatively, if those values are unknown or you don't wish to look them
> up, you can provide the slug and screen_name as you have done in your
> example.

great. how about an example on that page about how to do so, since the
on the page is additionally inconsistent?

i have not looked up the api doc for a while, but the current status
is ridiculous.
not even all parameters are correctly listed nor how to call them.
I have to search google for documentation on how to properly format an
api request
in 5 min instead of being able to look at the real documentation.

but hei, it looks much more pretty now. </sarcasm>


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