I'm currently in the process of writing an application which
periodically gets directed messages from a user (once every 120
seconds checks if the user has new messages).

The API I am using is the Twitter4j library in Java. Here's the error
I get:

403:The request is understood, but it has been refused.  An
accompanying error message will explain why.
TwitterException{exceptionCode=[ece01d6a-01eb72d6], statusCode=403,
hourlyLimit=350, resetTimeInSeconds=1309899, secondsUntilReset=1629,
resetTime=Tue Jul 05 13:58:10 PDT 2011}, version=2.1.10}

I am confused as to how my remainingHIts is still 326 yet I am rate
limited? Additionally, even if I wait until the reset time indicated
before hitting the service again, I receive the rate limit exception
again with the reset time pushed back by an hour.

I am fairly confident that this service does not poll Twitter more
than 350 times a second, is there something else that could be causing
me to be rate limited?


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