Thanks for your reply Seth

"Is it possible that your implementation doesn't support a popup from

I'm not sure,but since the popup do appear without any issues so I
think our implementation support popups without any issues,but the
cancel button within twitter sharebox doesn't work as it should be,it
doesn't return the user back to my page and instead it redirects the
user to twitter page,the problem is in the behavior of cancel button
and I don't know why it behaves like that.

I can reproduce the issue in kinda the same way but here on my PC,here
are the steps:

Let's open a page that has a tweet button,maybe like this one:

good,now scroll down to section "Positioning the count box"

do you see the first tweet button on the left,the one that has a word
"none" on top of it? right-click on that button then choose "Copy Link
Address" [Note: I use Google Chrome],I did that already and here the

now paste the url in a new window/tab in your browser but first make
sure you're not already logged in twitter account,the login page will
appear and you can see the cancel button,click on cancel button,now it
should return the user back to that link and as you can see the link
has a querystring original_referer with the original url so the cancel
button SHOULD return back to that url,but you will notice that it
doesn't return the user back to that page and instead it redirects to
twitter homepage,that's exactly how the web container behave and this
is the issue with the cancel button,I hope I cleared my issue and my
steps are straightforward, I hope you have a solution for this.

On Jul 7, 2:50 am, Seth Bindernagel <> wrote:
> Hi Anajjar:
> Sorry we couldn't be more help.
> Is it possible that your implementation doesn't support a popup from
> Twitter? If so, there might be a solution that works, but we'd have to
> specifically diagnose why your app is not working. If I can find
> anything that might help your situation, I'll be sure to add it to this
> thread.
> Best wishes,
> Seth
> wrote:
> > Because of Lack of support by Twitter and we didn't face any such
> > issues with Facebook,we had no choice but to remove twitter from all
> > of our projects and use Facebook instead,Thanks to everyone who tried
> > to help .
> --
> Seth Bindernagel | @binder
> <>

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