Hi everyone,

I developed a simple web mobile page as a test to try out twitter on


When I open that page from my iphone and click on "Connect with
Twitter" a popup will appear,my question is about that popup; Is there
away to show a more friendly twitter login page for iphone? as you may
notice that page isn't friendly for iphone at all:

1) the content by default appears very small and user has to zoom in
2) when user zoom in,(s)he will also be able to scroll and in any
direction since the width of spaces around the content is big.

As you may notice,that popup is a twitter page so I can't do anything
to solve this issue,I don't want users to always zoom in every time
they visit that page and I don't want users to scroll in that page,and
that's not all;things get worse if I load my page within a web
container programmed in xCode,the page appears way big in that
container, what I want is a friendly page for iphone.

Is there a way to solve this? it's urgent

Have you visited the Developer Discussions feature on 
https://dev.twitter.com/discussions yet?

Twitter developer links:
Documentation and resources: https://dev.twitter.com/docs
API updates via Twitter: https://twitter.com/twitterapi

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