I am using Abraham Williams' oAuth library. It's been working fine,
but I seem to have hit a snag on getting users profiles using

Typically, I would do:

$oAuthConnection = new TwitterOAuth($keys['key'], $keys['secret'],
$keys['token'], $keys['TokenSecret']);

and then (for example), if I want to get my rate limit, I would do:

$content = $oAuthConnection->get('account/rate_limit_status');

or any number of other operations, but if I try to do:

$content = $oAuthConnection->get('users/lookup', array('user_id ' =>
$users_ids, 'include_entities' => 1));

Where $users_ids is a comma separated list (no more than 100), I am
getting nothing. Any ideas?

Have you visited the Developer Discussions feature on 
https://dev.twitter.com/discussions yet?

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