Dear Twitter Developers,

I'm a developer of a Twitter client, twittering-mode, and I want you
to approve using xAuth in twittering-mode.

 * Consumer key: EbjXsmvYaC2p0xrD0LkBew

Twittering-mode is a kind of desktop client, which works on Emacsen
(one of the most famous editors). As you would know, Emacsen are
everywhere and there are a lot of variations. We cannot suppose users
can always use browsers. Actually, I sometimes use twittering-mode on
a remote machine via ssh.

I'm not sure what information I should present. If I missed something
important for you, please tell me.


Yuto Hayamizu

Master's degree student at Kitsuregawa Laboratory
Department of Information and Communication Engineering
Graduate School of Information Science and Technology
University of Tokyo


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