> I did some further testing.
> I commented out most of my code so it's not doing
> anything. When I only have WSocket in uses clause,
> the file size is 61KB. The moment I put WSocketS in,
> the file size jumps to 288KB (on D5.) This is when
> no function of ICS is being called, no object created.
> Only used. I even deleted all ICS dcu files.

I created a new console mode application (D7), added NOFORMS in the project
Compilation gives a filesize: 39.424 Bytes.
Added WSocket to the uses clause: 91.136 Bytes.
Added WSocketS to the uses clause:  91.648 Bytes.
Removed NOFORMS from the defines: 427.008 Bytes.

Options are for debugging: no optimization, range checking enabled, I/O
checking enabled, Overflow checking enabled, debug information enabled.

My conclusion is that NOFORMS works very well, including with


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