> Anyway i still dont know how can i get da whole recived document
> OnRequestDone...

The document is stored in the stream you supplyed to RcvdStream property before 
starting GetAsync.

> and can i put in there some procedures and they still will be async?

If your processing take significative time, you can put it into a thread, or 
maybe a single
processing thread for all processing for all url done: the thread could empty a 
TObjectList having
all references to the stream containing data to process.

> And is there any way to get the least possible data? I dont need
> anything but pure text of the page...

You never get more ! A HTTP component is not a browser. It doesn't parse 
received document (HTML
text) to see any image, frame, style sheet,... It only receive the document, 
nothing more, nothing

And you probably have to pay attention to redirections. The component will 
follow the redirection
automatically by default. You can turn that off using FollowRelocation property.


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