Francois PIETTE schrieb:
> As expressed in the source code, ReadLine is deprecated. Anyway, it doesn't
> fit correctly with UDP protocol which is datagram oriented. Using "lines"
> with such protocol is strange.
>>Now I have the problem that at one place in the program I need
>>synchronus communication. I send out one byte and if I receive the same
>>byte within some short timeout, I assume that the device I'm talking to
>>has a echo mode.
> Send your byte then program a loop waiting for the evnt OnDataAvailable to
> occur before a given time. Not the best practice, but that's how you can
> implement synchronous operation if you really need this (you can ALWAYS
> avoid synchronous operation).
> When you are in your wait loop, you must process events or your application
> will be locked. You must do something like that (not checked, out of my
> head) :
>         FReceiveFlag := FALSE;
>         WSocket1.Send(...your one byte data ....);
>         while not FReceiveFlag do begin
>             DummyHandle := INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE;
>             MsgWaitForMultipleObjects(0, DummyHandle, FALSE, 1000,
>                                       QS_ALLINPUT + QS_ALLEVENTS +
>                                       QS_KEY + QS_MOUSE);
>             Application.ProcessMessages;
>             if Application.Terminated then
>                 break;
>         end;
> OnDataAvailable handler will set the FReceiveFlag variable to TRUE.
> You can also use a TTimer to check for timeout.
Thanks for the reply, I will consider that tomorrow.
Normally I do asynchronos communication, but for the first test wether
my communication partner has echo or not I don't want this, I simply
want this one synchronous.

The thing is that the code is in a dll, so application.processmessages
might not work here. Or does it? The timeout will be rather short anyhow
(ca. 50 ms) and I think i do it with GetTickCount, which should be
sufficient here and more easy to use than a at this place timer.
Or is there anything bad with these ideas?


Markus Humm

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