I think I must describe my problem a bit more detailed than before.
I'm building a dll to encapsulate my communication routines to some extend.
The dll manages all connections. When a new udp connection is to be made,
a handle of my own type is allocated (I have other communication types 
implemented in the same dll) and the adress of a callback procedure
is given. With this handle data can be sent out.

The dll contains a data odlue with one TWSocket for receiving udp data.
his is configured on a fixed ip/port on the local pc and if data is
it looks in the handle list which callback is to be called (depending on the

ip of the sender). The data is passed to this callback then.

My test for this is an application which continously requests data from a 
hardware device and checks if the packets received are correct.

This app. is a vcl one. If it has application.processmessages in its loop,
all works as expected. But: my dll will later not be used by a vcl
application but
by a bunch of other dlls, so application.processmessages is not feasible.
I discovered now that twsocket also has processmessages. I tried to set up a
thread in the dll which continously calls processmessages on that fixed
(the receiving one, the sending sockets are created dynamically when a new
gets added and get destroyed when the connection is closed [normally at the
end of the
program in my case]). t doesn't work. The thread is called, but data isn't

There are two other components in the dll which suffer from the very same
One is the timer and another is one for the other communication method which
have a processmessages. Do you have any hints for these as well?

I'm stuck richt now...


Markus Humm
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