> Received: (qmail 31614 invoked from network); 6 May 2005 08:41:49 -0000
> Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 10:41:42 +0200
> it is always in english (I mean the day and month). I need to make email
> headers but using the "normal" DateTimeToStr functions, depending on the
> country settings of the machine the day-name and month-name could be in
> other languages.
> Is this a problem for email readers ?  If it is can I get the english
> names out of a windows call or should I make an array for it ?

These headers are not supposed to be seen by the receiver.
they're just control headers to trace all the SMTP servers it has been through.
So the date and time format of these headers should not be modified nor seen, 
except as they are.

I think, if it is to show the email date, you have a 'Date' header.


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