I have written a simple program to upload some files from my PC to our FTP 
site. Basically once a new build of our software is complete, the program 
kicks in to upload the files.
However about 75% of the time, the upload stalls after 8760 bytes.

As far as I can see (from Google) this is a magic number with TCP/IP under 
If I try and upload the same files to the same location using a commercial 
FTP program, then it never seems to have a problem, so I'm assuming that 
it either doesn't stall or internally copes with the stall without 
reporting it to me.

Any suggestions ?
These are the properties of the component and below is the simple code I'm 
using to operate it. Delphi 5, FTPClient seems to be Version: 2.86

 object FtpClient1: TFtpClient
    Timeout = 60
    MultiThreaded = False
    HostName = 'ftp.navigator.co.uk'
    Port = 'ftp'
    LocalAddr = ''
    UserName = XXXX <-removed from posting 
    PassWord = XXXX <-removed from posting
    HostDirName = '/'
    DisplayFileFlag = True
    Binary = False
    ShareMode = ftpShareCompat
    Options = [ftpAcceptLF]
    ConnectionType = ftpDirect
    OnCommand = FtpClient1Command
    OnProgress = FtpClient1Progress
    OnSessionConnected = FtpClient1SessionConnected
    OnSessionClosed = FtpClient1SessionClosed
    OnRequestDone = FtpClient1RequestDone
    OnBgException = FtpClient1BgException
    Left = 288
    Top = 77
        FTPClient1.HostDirName := paramstr(1);
        FTPClient1.HostFileName := paramstr(3);
        FTPClient1.localfilename := paramstr(2);
        if FTPClient1.Cwd() then 
          if not (FTPClient1.Binary) then 
            FTPClient1.Binary := true;

All the FTPClient1 events write to a Tmemo to report the progress/status.



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