> > i'm wondering about the way to implement a FTP server (with thread on
> > GetProcessing) within a Windows Service ?
> Any windows GUI application can be run as a service, provided it never
> asks for any input from the user.  I use a very simple real service
> that runs the windows program, and sends it a message telling it to
> exit when the service is stopped.  If the message is lost, it
> terminates the program.
> This makes debugging very easy, since you can have as many, buttons,
> labels and memos in the application as you like.

Yes but i have noticed that if you use :
- a service module
- a Ftp server comp within the Service Datamodule
- a window created at runtime and shown (to display log messages)

there're some problems with the message pump process between the FtpServer's one
and the Application's one(coming from Forms.pas).
Particularly when you use a Thread within the GetProcessing event and that you 
delay the

In this later case, the message to the server socket (to send data : 
never received, unless you can trigger the log window's message pump wich then 
transmit it to the socket.
But if meanwhile the client has disconnected, then there's an exception...

i don't know if i'm clear enough :| !

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