I'm using ICS - TWSocket and I wrote a server that listen on port, waiting a
connection. A client telnet connect to this IP/port and the server execute
another application to receive this connection. The server is a single
receive of connections.

Question 1 = Did you already make something similar ? If you made this,
please send-me a example !!! :)

Question 2 = Do you have anything documentation about emuling terminal
VT100/VT220 ? I can send to the client telnet commands to position cursor,
make a frame, etc... Do you know this functions ? I saw your sample about
emuling terminal, server/client.

Arnoldo Uber Junior
Analista de Negócios - Tecnologia
Operacional Têxtil Consultoria e Sistemas Ltda
47 3234242 Ramal 29
Blumenau - SC - Brasil
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