> The DataStream is nil at that time, try this:
> procedure TGetProcessingThread.Execute;
> var
>      aBuf : String;
>      i : integer;
> begin
>     abuf := 'One ring to rule them all !'#13#10;
>     Client.DataStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
>     for i := 0 to 1000 do
>         Client.DataStream.Write(PChar(aBuf)^, Length(aBuf));
>     Client.DataStream.Seek(0, 0);
> end;
> Arno Garrels

yes i've seen it... and this demo works perfectly as expected.

in my application, i still have that damn RetrDataSent triggered before 
and as there's a RetrSessionDisconnected event triggered, my client received 
the requestdone event
with ftpGetAsync as the request type.
that's where my problems come from...

the thing i don't understand is why that damn RetrDataSent are triggered ?!

as far as i can see, through debugging, it's when sending the '105 Opening Data 
connection' that it posts
a message including FD_WRITE. and when my client socket receive this message, 
it triggers ClientRetrDataSent
which triggers itself the SendNextDataChunk, etc...

this is how i see it.. how i've debugged it... but i may be wrong ! but then, 
where the problem comes from
as the sample provided above works perfectly as expected ?! i won't play to 
send messages for fun...

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