There is no problem having an application a server and a client at the same time. If using a thread, be sure to have your components created from the thread's execute method otherwise the events will not run in the thread's context. As far as I remember, a service has a worker thread per subservice. Have a look at the service source code if you have a Delphi version that include source code.


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Subject: [twsocket] problem within a nt service (again)

I'm actually debbuging my nt service is triggering an access violation reading address 0, and I

start it over, putting one thing back at a time until I can find what is triggering the error.

Well, now I found it and is like this:
With only a TWSocketServer it run ok, no problem...
With a TWSocketServer and a TWSocket - boom - the error appear.
Well, actually the TWSocketServer and TWSocket are inside components of my own, and I believe

they (my own) have problem, but the weird thing is:
1- If they run alone - only a Server or only a Client, it runs ok, only together the problem

2- My service isn't multi-threaded - I HAVEN'T started any thread, BUT, the problem occurs in

ANOTHER thread - sometimes i'm debugging and when a step the code it goes stack overflow and I

call stack and threads (ctrl+alt+t) shows the other thread running... actually when a press F9 in

that thread, debug comes back to my thread and I continue debugging it, until I it get back to

the call that started (or F9, whatever) and the service is finished because of the other error. So I'm searching for my error, but, by the way, want to know if it can be another thing anyones

had knowledge of.. (well, I have many applications server-only and client-only working well)...
Please, if someone has a clue...

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