Yes, I already have even debug the thread with problem, and checked
that, the server and client events, both are called in the same thread, and, an detail I haven't said before is that the client socket is being activated
the serversocket event onconnect, I mean, when the listener socket becomes
available it starts the socketclient connection, is this a problem?

Not a problem, if I understand well what you are trying to say.

I understood that you have a TWSocketServer component listening on a given port. When a new client connection is comming in, TWSocketServer instanciate a new TWSocketClient to handle that connection and triggers an OnClientConnect event. From that event, you create an instance of TWSocket to connect to some remote server (your server become a client). I guess you want to query some service from the server on behalf of one connected client. This is this connection that doesn't work.

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