Firstly thx for your last answer - helped a lot.
I am using an event "OnCookie" to grab a cookie from the site I mentioned 
earlier ( ). I am getting something like 


The problem is that when I am using different software (webfetch) I am geeting 
a cookie like this:

cookie_kod=773321;; path=/

The problem is that when I am using the first cookie I get no result. 
So my question is: should the cookie look like the second one? And if so what 
is the way (in ICS) to get it all look like this? 
And the second question: Should I change something in the cookie I want to pass 
later to the server? For example should I change path=/ to 
path= or maybe to something else?
And the third question: Should I change cookie_kod to kod ? Because when 
clicking the URL (I mentioned about it in the earlier post) using IE it opens and not:

Thx for any help!
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