Hi Guys,

I'm hoping that you can help me.  I have a web server application which is
compiled under Windows and Linux (common source).

On the Windows platform I derive from TCustomWSocket and use Delphi 7
On the Linux platform, I derive from TIcsCustomSocket on use Kylix 3

The source code for the web server is totally common for both platforms, and
uses conditional defines for the platform specific stuff.

Under windows the web server works perfectly no matter how much load we put
on it, but under Linux, as soon as we have more than one socket accessing
the server at a time, the server appears to lockup and takes the CPU to
100%.  There are obviously massive differences in the underlying
architecture with the TCustomWSocket component being event (message) based,
and the TIcsCustomSocket component being ... well thread based.

It is noteworthy that under Linux, a single connection can perform a
multitude of requests under HTTP/1.1 and connection keep-alive, and there
don't appear to be problems there.

I suspect that this has to do with threads not synchronizing correctly or
something and thought I'd ask if anyone has seen this sort of thing and has
some input that will benefit me.


Erich Kuba

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