Dear all,

I am writing a simple mail client in console application form.  I manually 
created a TSmtpCli object for my purpose.

The problem is that after I call the SmtpClient->Connect() method, the client 
fails to connect to the SMTP server.  I referenced the MailSnd example and did 
set SmtpClient->Host, SmtpClient->Port properties as in MailSnd.  Using MailSnd 
to connect and send mail to server does not have problem.

I notice that the events SmtpClientDisplay and SmtpClientRequestDone in MailSnd 
will be triggered when response is received from SMTP server.  I place similar 
event handlers in my program in an attempt to print message on the console 
window, but the events just will not be triggered.  I assign the event handlers 
in the following way:

    SmtpClient = new TSmtpCli(NULL);

    if(SmtpClient != NULL)
      SmtpClient->OnDisplay     = SmtpClientDisplay;
      SmtpClient->OnRequestDone = SmtpClientRequestDone;

Is it the proper way to assign event handler?  How can I trace where the 
problem is in failing to connect to SMTP server?

Many thanks,
Patrick Wong
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