Hello Wesley,

Next time please write down at least the winsock error :)
In this case you have 10048 witch means that the address already in use
(by your other instance of your program).

address + port is exclusive (in fact it is proto + address + port).

Rgds, Wilfried

Friday, July 15, 2005, 03:12, Wesley Spadola wrote:

> Forgive me if the answer is right in front of my face, but currently I'm
>  stumped:

> I have a server listening on a port.  When I try and load up a second
> instance of my program in the IDE and run it, the second program halts
> in place when the server tries to use the bind() Winsock function.  A
> window gets thrown up and mentions that an exception occured trying to bind.

> Now, I can use the OnError WSocket procedure to display an error, and I
> can even call Sender.ClassName inside that method to display what class
> caused the error, but is there any way to determine exactly what error
> occured and try to act on it accordingly?

> Thanks,
> Wesley

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