I don't know if this applies to your situation or not but I have seen a 
StatusCode of 0 in log files from our customers.  Most often, we find that 
Norton Internet Security, or Norton Firewall is blocking the responses and 
giving us the StatusCode of 0.  I have them check Norton and they usually 
find that Norton is blocking our program.  Clearing that blocking gets rid 
of the StatusCode of 0.

Steve Endicott

At 09:04 AM 7/23/2005, you wrote:
>I noticed some behavior of HttpCli that caused me a LOT of headaches
>before I discovered what was going on and made a work-around.
>This mail is to ask you:
>- If the behavior that I noticed indeed happens the way I describe
>- If the behavior is consiously designed this way or needs to be changed
>On the RequestDone event, the StatusCode can be 0. I only notice this
>happen rarely in certain cases of a redirect (FollowRelocation set to
>'true'). If I've seen things correct, there can be ANOTHER RequestDone
>event following in this case.
>Why is this a problem? The RequestDone event is typically used to
>process the HttpCli data. After processing, the client potentially
>could get deleted since it has no function anymore (as happens in my
>code at least). However, another RequestDone event following the first
>one when the client has been deleted already causes access violations
>The only way to be sure the RequestDone event is the 'final' event
>seems to be a check on the StatusCode. In case the StatusCode = 0, I
>let the event handler return because another RequestDone event will
>Why is there a RequestDone event while the StatusCode is still zero anyway?
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