On 28-Jul-05 08:34:58 Francois Piette wrote:

>> Do you want that the data passed to OnDocData is decompressed?

>Yes I do.

Are you really sure? Ok Ok, I'll try to do it :-)

>> This could eventually be done only if the class that make the
>> decompression supports "on the fly", or better if all classes neded
>> to decompress the body suport it.

>If the class doesn't support "on the fly" decompression, it can be emulated
>by generating OnDocData at the end of the document when everything is



>> I forget to mention one thing. Xavier in his code set FLastResponse
>> with the whole content of the decompressed stream. Is it correct
>> and/or needed?

>You mean the whole document ? No, it is not correct nor needed.

Xavier, have you any reason to assign to FLastResponse?

Bye, Maurizio.

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