> The utility will be part of a security/pen-testing suite with a 
> specific purpose to my customer.  There are specific hardware 
> that they would like to exercise for unit testing.
> Can you elaborate on how you believe this is down with a raw socket?

Delphi Magazine published an article explaining how to use raw sockets 
in January 2004, issue 101, "Hands on TCP/IP programming in Delphi" by 
Alfred Mirzagitov?  The demo projects discussed in the article are at:


one of which allows raw packets to be created using a GUI, exactly what 
you are trying to do.  

I used some of the information from that article to implement a raw 
socket monitoring component using ICS, which is available from:


My component is only interested in receiving raw packets, not sending 
them, but you'll be able to take information from the DM article to 
create your packets, all the structures and literals you need are in my 

As I said before, raw sockets needs administrator security level now, 
so you may need to use the WinPcap system drivers instead, but my 
components have all you need to do this as well. 

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