Another interesting link is this one:
It contains code to validate usercode/password on a Windows domain.
It is a Delphi translation of the code in the article:;EN-US;180548


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> Apache itself do not support NTLM but take a look at this:
> it's supposed to be a module for Apache. I think they have sources also. 
> It
> may be helpful.
> Regards
> Tibor Csonka
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> On 23-Jun-05 07:40:28 Francois Piette wrote:
>>> As you can see the server must at least generate the Challenge when
>>> speak with an ICS client, and keep it to elaborate the Message3.
>>> While from the client side we are "free" to set flags and fields with
>>> specific values, the server should be able to hadle all possible
>>> values if it must answer to a client different from ICS.
>>This client/server dialog occurs in a single TCP session handled by a
> single
>>TWSocket at server side. You can store anything you like n that TWSocket
>>without collision with other clients.
> That's clear, but there is still the problem how to handle request
> made from clients that aren't based on ICS, if they set flags and
> fields with values that are different from the "fixed" one set by
> THttpCli.
> In conclusion, it seems to me that implementing the NTLM in the
> server will require lot of time, and at the moment I don't have so
> much time.
> And I don't known if it worth the effort. Maybe it would be better to
> invest that time implementing a more standard authentication (client
> and server) instead for a proprietary and not dodumented like NTLM.
> For example, Apache or other web servers different fom M$ are able to
> accept NTLM authentication? (Not a rhetorical question, I really
> don't know)
> Bye, Maurizio.

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