> I installed WinPcap and tried to use Magenta Systems Monitor Socket,
> but it shows AV (nil is dereferenced, I presume; adapter listbox is 
> empty)
> at the start though continues to run. Nevertheless it does not capture
> anything ;-(. I don't see any pages on http://www.magsys.co.uk/ , which
> are related to the program. Perhaps, a newer version is available 
> somethere.

Our application is only tested with Windows 2000 and later, since 
Windows 9x is now dead and abandoned by Microsoft.  Winpcap itself may 
or may not work on Windows 9x, it's really not worth even testing.  

Our monitoring components at:


were last updated on 4th August, and work fine with all current 
operating systems.  The application is not currently listed on our web 
site, nor are all the other ICS components from our company that appear 
on the ICS usermade pages.  Once I've used the monitoring component in 
a real application and testing is complete it, it will be submitted for 
the usermade page. 

> Oh! Its size is 11Mb. I'd prefer to not download and install such a 
> big thing.

That would be a 15 second download on my Telewest cable modem, when 
it's upgraded to 10 megs next month <g>

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