Angus wrote:

>Our application is only tested with Windows 2000 and later, since 
>Windows 9x is now dead and abandoned by Microsoft.  Winpcap itself may 
>or may not work on Windows 9x, it's really not worth even testing.
>Our monitoring components at:
>were last updated on 4th August, and work fine with all current 

This version works much better under Win98. ;-)
But is it capable of logging all the data passed through the sockets?
I mean that monsock displays the traffic only partially and
the option "Display Full Data" does not do what it seems to imply -
if it is checked the intersepted data is still displayed only partially
though in a slightly different manner.

I can't figure out how the log can help me to find out the reason why
(as it seems now) the mail server does not "finalize" the RETR
request - actually the entire message fetched but then the
communication "freezes" and RequestDone notification seems lost.

>> Oh! Its size is 11Mb. I'd prefer to not download and install such a 
>> big thing.
>That would be a 15 second download on my Telewest cable modem, when 
>it's upgraded to 10 megs next month <g>

This is not a matter of time but money ;-). If I would download all 10Mb+
files which seem to be useful but not certainly, I would pay a lot $ for things
which normally can be replaced with tremendously smaller and competitive

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky,
Russia, Moscow, CET +02:00

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