Do you have a firewall "rule" that used to allow the server (as an
application) run, but does not allow the server (as a service) run for port
(Sygate can have advanced rules like this)

'ftp-data' is typically port 20 (see system32\drivers\etc\services)
lines 1880, 1926, 2216, 2279, 3245 of FtpSrv.pas for example are where the
data port gets bound as 'ftp-data'
Perhaps your client or service does not have security privileges to the
system32\drivers\etc\services list  and therefore cannot work out that
ftp-data is 20 ??
Try logging the service on (temporarily, for testing purposes only) as the
administrator (you can do this in the service manager)
and also make sure your client is logged on with full privileges

I'm only guessing, since I have never come across this error before
hth, David

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From: "brian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Friday, August 12, 2005 12:15 PM
Subject: [twsocket] FTP as system service: Cannot convert port 'ftp-data'

> I'm trying to port the ftp server demo to a system service, however when I
connect I get this error in the ftp client:
> 451: Failed: connect: WSocketResolvePort: Cannot convert port 'ftp-data'.
Error #11004
> Unable to complete transfer
> Any idea why it gets that error when running as a system service ?

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