Thank you for your very prompt reply to my query. My problem is not with 
delphi, but I cannot even unpack the .zip file as files in the DotNet 
directory have long filenames and filenames with multiple extensions. Trying 
to unzip and setup the directory structures causes multiple error messages 
from winzip, so I don't get as far as trying to install the components in 

PS, I live on Russell Island in Australia. I will send a postcard of 
Brisbane which is the nearest city. Thank you for creating this suite of 
components and offering them as freeware.


Scott Hendry  #;#)

>There are no required file that use a long name. All components have short
>file name and compile fine under Delphi 1 (Ok, maybe there are some line
>comment that need to be replaced by curly brace comments).
>If you have problems with Delphi 1, please give the exact error message 
>Delphi gives.
>Don't mess VC and VC32 directory. VC is for Delphi 1 and must be added in
>the library path before VC32 which contains all components.
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