> Thank you for your very prompt reply to my query. My problem is not with
> delphi, but I cannot even unpack the .zip file as files in the DotNet
> directory have long filenames and filenames with multiple extensions. Trying
> to unzip and setup the directory structures causes multiple error messages
> from winzip, so I don't get as far as trying to install the components in
> delphi.

Just unzip the zip file on a modern computer with winzip which handle long 
filenames, then copy the
needed files to your other computer (you can rezip unzing a old pkzip which 
will use 8.3 file
names). No file with long filenames are required for Delphi 1. The files with 
long filenames are for
dotnet only.

> PS, I live on Russell Island in Australia. I will send a postcard of
> Brisbane which is the nearest city.

It is even better a postcard from Russell Island.

> Thank you for creating this suite of
> components and offering them as freeware.

You're welcome.


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