> How do you think that all we heavily tested for weeks if nobody,
> except the developer(s), made any test?

I only have a single development environment, and I need to be able to 
produce bug fix versions of several applications at short notice, often 
hours, that get widely distributed within hours.  

Many other professional developers are probably in exactly the same 

So using new versions of components is very delicate, thus the absolute 
need for backward compatibly and full version and change documentation, 
to allow the risk of new versions to be accessed.  

I do keep up to date with official ICS betas, including SSL, test them 
for weeks or months in various live applications, report problems, and 
often try to fix them myself, for the benefit of other uses, but only 
if I can see the risk of doing so and I can be sure the changes will 
not cause me major grief.  

> We are not speaking specific on gzip but on handlig encoding in a
> generic way.

Not really fussed how many different fancy schemes are supported.

> If you are using VCLZip library to handle gzip content then it could
> be interesting to see if you are able to add it to this "new" version
> or if it is missing something indispensable.

Vclzip is commercial, I used it to replace the previous Borland Zlib 
implementation because it was convenient, but I'd rather use open 
source for anything new.  

I will test your changed component in one of my applications provided, 
provided there is no DLL requirement.  I'm also going to try to add 
ZLIB compression to the FTP client and server, at the same time as 
adding 64-bit stream support and removing support for long obsolete 


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