> So if you don't want to support obsolete compilers, why if it necessary
> to make the code compatible with obsolete compilers?  This is a
> contradition.

No because there is only one distribution and one source code set.

> Sorry, but you continue to evade the real question here, why continue
> to support obsolete compiler with new versions of ICS?

Because there are still a lot of people using old compilers, frequently to 
maintain existing
applications but also to develop new ones, even with Delphi 1 which is used for 
embedded systems
using Win 3.x !!

The price to support old compilers is cheap. Just look how many conditional 
compile are in the
current sources: not so much.

> I've just done a little research of 64-bit streams, and it seems Delphi
> 6 was the first to support these, and I'm aware many people still use
> Delphi 5 so I will make that particular feature conditional.



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