Fastream Technologies a écrit :
> This time I second Agnus. No professional coder would use a compiler from 
> last decade and if an amateur wants to do so, he/she should be happy with an 
> old ICS release version.
> There needs to be a time that we look further into the future and leave the 
> past in the past. Othwerwise we would be stuck in the past.
> Best Regards,
> SubZ

Well... it's not that simple...

i've been working for french mobile phone provider. They have some 
applications - heavy ones as it mixes helpdesk, commercial stuff, etc... 
- developped with delphi 5.

Having a look at how they manage their project, the quality checks that 
are made, the time taken for any process involving an application 
evolution, that may take quite a lot of time. Moreover, migrating such 
an application would cost *a lot* of money in :
- quality checks for the new compiler version ;
- adapting applications to work with a new compiler version (there're 
millions lines of code, even in delphi) ;
- if there're 3rd party components used, you have to be sure that those 
components work with the new compiler version, which is *never* guaranteed ;
- checking the new compiled version of the application ;
- deploying the new application on more than 1000 workstations ;
- checking every bug, etc...

Those applications i'm talking about are part of the company backbone. 
So when you think about the cost of migrating an application, when you 
think that the first goal of such companies is making money spending it 
lessly possible, adding a feature using TCP/IP component is less 
expensive using the same compiler - which has passed all the quality 
checks - than the one used for the application.

that's why many companies are still using old versions of delphi.

You both are quite talking in a developper way, in a technical way - no 
offense here ;). My talking is much more as a company manager which has 
to take in account every cost. Developping an application - and most of 
all anticipating its evolutions - is a loadbalancing between technical 
stuff and financial stuff.

ICS, whatever its version, is a simple - hence robust - Winsock API. it 
may surely be found in many - unknown to us - company information 
systems backbone. So if there're modifications - bug correction for 
example - you have to be sure that the new version will still be 
backward compatible for what already exists. I don't mean the new 
functionnalities, but at least the actual ones.

So yes, actually, some professional developpers still use old compilers
and may need the components to still work, even with a new version.


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