Hi Wilfried,

The problem is present because I test of data in the sent machine and the 
data not is the same in Receive machine.
If I send 30Kb of data, in the other machine receive 7Kb only; and I don't 
know what is the problem.
Send you part of code of application, but I know that information is sent 
and not all receive.
Thanks again.
                        Juan Pablo Franco


procedure TFVisor.overlayListenDataAvailable(Sender: TObject; ErrCode: Word);
     Buffer : array [0..50000] of char;
     Src    : TSockAddrIn;
     Len, SrcLen: Integer;
     overlayListen.BufSize := 16384;
     SrcLen := SizeOf(Src);
     overlayListen.Receive(@Buffer, SizeOf(Buffer));


At 10:16 19/08/2005, you wrote:
>Hi Juan,
>Yes please tell me what the problem is. BTW if you ask on mailing list I
>will answer too, and also lots of other people will help there.
>Mvg, Wilfried
>--- Original message from Juan Pablo Franco ---
>Date:    Friday, August 19, 2005
>Time:    15:04
>Subject: Hi, I've a question
> > Hi partner, I reading your paper about Receiving High speed data and i
> > don't use this example in my application.
> > When I process message I can't read data sent. The data sent is a string,
> > many strings. Puntually, 360 strings per second and one string conteined
> > many information.
> > Can you help me?
> > I'm sorry, but I am from Argentina and my english not is good.
> > Bye and thanks.
> >                              Juan Pablo

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